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This little site is dedicated to all students planning to pursue the field of biomedical engineering. During the past few decades, science as an industry has gone through major transformation in terms of technology integration. Thanks to innovative equipments, research & development in biomedical engineering has grown exponentially. Science is not alone anymore, with the aid of technology it’s become more powerful than ever before. Obviously it’s an exciting time for biomedical engineers too; just think about all the discoveries made in the last few years! As a biomedical student & fanatic myself, it inspires me to share new ideas & events related to this particular topic right here on this website. My goal is to help future students to take an informed decision regarding their career. There are a lot of academic and career aspects that must be considered before planning to study biomedical engineering. Hope the information provided here will help you through the process of selecting schools, degree specialization & much more. If you have further questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch with me…

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